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Steve Bannon Is Not A White Nationalist



In a bizarre twist in the Steve Bannon White House puppet master narrative, Bannon called up the editor of the liberal magazine The American Prospect Tuesday afternoon and proceeded to give him what appears to be his unvarnished opinion on many things. On the other end of the line was Robert Kuttner, who then proceeded to write a story about his 25-minute conversation with one of the key, but elusive figures in the Trump White House. As Kuttner tells it, Bannon called him apparently following up on a column Kuttner had written on how China was profiting from the U.S. and North Korea’s nuclear squabbles. Continue reading Steve Bannon Is Not A White Nationalist

Correct It!



Here’s something many of you may not know is going on that is very irresponsible. Journalists and reporters use Twitter alot to get information out to the public as quick as possible. Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted out how he went to visit Alexandria gunshot victim, Congressman Scalise, in the hospital. Trump said Scalise was in rough condition and to pray for him. Well, reporter, Jim Acosta, sent out a tweet saying the President never visited Scalise at the hospita!. This was read by thousands and even Jake Tapper took Acosta’s word and reported the findings. Well, it turns out Jim Acosta was wrong, and therefore Jake Tapoer. But instead of tweeting out a retraction saying he was wrong, Mr. Acosta just deleted the tweet and called it a day. No retraction, yet tens of thousands of people thought Trump just lied. Luckily real reporters who still believe in fairness captured an image of the tweet in error and tried to spread the correct version of events around while also publicly shaming Acosta. The fair reporters weren’t conservatives, but progressives. They just believe in the integrity of their profession

This is just one example of what is happening with the news we intake, but it’s becoming a fairly big problem with those in corporate media trying to rush stories out. If they make a mistake, instead ot correcting it, they’re just deleting it.

Executive Privilege

The mainstream media has gone on and on for weeks, even holding panels on it, that the President was going to use his Executive Privilege to block Comey from testifying to the Senate on certain things or not at all, really ginning up the drama. Well, I reported via the New York Times, but I knew anyway through instinct, that he was not going to invoke it. Still the MSM persisted, kind of like Clinton. Well today, the White House stated that Trump would not be invoking the privilege. Now, Im sure we will hear all the dastardly reasons why hes not blocking Comey. Predictable and. Sad

Shoddy Reporting

On the one hand it’s good to see the media doing some adversarial reporting again after being so dormant for a long time, but on the other hand I think it will be short-lived or until someone palatable is in the White House. Right now theyre experiencing a renaissance because they’re feeding a bloodthirsty public’s hatred for an unpopular President.

Nevermind that the majority of reporting is shoddy at best. What they’re relying on are anonymous sources within the Intelligence Community that can’t be verified or autgenticated, with an axe to grind against an adversarial Trumo. Then the media just riffs on the morsels its given basically turning the reporting info gossip, innuendo, and entertainment. And the gullible public just eats it up without questioning anything. It’s hard to tell what to believe

That’s why its such a good thing that we have a special counselor in Mueller whom for all intents and purposes is a primo guy. At least he will be able to dole out some answers.

I really don’t think they’ll find evidence of collusion. With the Intelligence agencies throwing out everything but the kitchen sink about Trumo, you’d think we’d have the information by now. I think we may find some criminality concerning Manafort and probably Pagd, but not much more. But as far as collusion, I just haven’t seen any evidence, only circumstantial and innuendo.

I guess you could make a case for impeachment with Trump on obstruction of justice but it would be hard to prove intent because I think he was going to get rid of Comey anyway.

However, it woukd be disturbing if that happened. For one, it gives too much power to the Intelligence Community because they could easily manufacture evidence. And they have a seamy past and are hard to trust. Thats whats been so funny to watch because the Left has always had an adversarial relationship with the CIA and FBI. Now to watch them treat these Agencies as heros and warriors is rich and a little much, but then this goes to show the deepness of hatred for this presidency. Another negative is that the people who voted Trump in would feel like their will had been thwarted and there’s no telling what that effect woukd have on the country.

But with Mueller at least we’re on good footing now.

Kathy Griffin Investigation

Of course she is being investigated! You post a piece of performance art (????) where you’re showing the president being decapitated, then expect the secret service to investigate you. Just cause you/re on the left doesn’t make you immune to what happens to those on the right who depict a president hanging from a noose. At least Ms. Griffin was spared a visit from the secret service unlike Ted Nugentt when he made his faux pas against Obama. And I’m sorry but the constant, relentless visceral hatred for this President set the stage for Ms.. Griffin to think she could get away with this kind of indulgent behavior. What’s particularly sad is that this routine hateful behavior by the left opened Ms. Griffin to the mistaken belief that she was safe to commit this piece of stupidity only to witness her political sister group, her friends, and her colleagues rise up, condemn her, then devour her whole taking her completely by surprise. Poor thing, I guess. She might as well have not even apologized. I wouldn’t have. Her idol, Joan Rivers, wouldn’t have, Joan also wouldn’t have given that embarrassing press conference blaming Donald Trump for her now present woes. What did he do except send off one his tweets defending his family having to see him die an Isis style death. I actually thought his response was rather muted considering his style. But he didn;t “break” her. Nor did his tamily who naturally stood up for their father. No, Joan Rivers, more than likely, would have come out bashing the political left, her friends, and her colleagues for turning their backs on her when she needed them most. Talk about a bunch of pussies. But really, when are celebrities going to learn the lesson that you can’t casually make fun of or try to make a statement about a president using violence or their death as the backdrop? This happens with every presidency and the celebrity is always left shellshocked that the secret service is knocking at their door. This is standard operating procedure for a sitting President. Oh, and Kathy, kudos from learning from your so–called role model Hillary Clinton by using every trick in the blame game book to try and get off the hook.

You Are Already Currently In A Media War — Start Fighting Back! By Caitlin Johnstone‏


People were asking me to write a story about the Comey thing when the news first broke, but in my opinion the whole affair is generally unexciting. The only thing that’s interesting to me about him getting fired is that there might be a bunch of FBI leaks in the future due to a shift in power dynamics; anyone who’s getting worked up about anything else is probably either a Russiagate nutter or one of the remaining true believers who are under the delusion that Trump hasn’t fully capitulated to the deep state. The #TrumpRussia dimwits are upset because this could mean a problem for the Trump-Russia election collusion investigation, which was never going to lead anywhere anyway because the allegations of collusion were only ever designed to pressure Trump into falling into line with the neocon establishment. The loyal Trumpsters are stoked because they think they’re going to get a firebrand rebel to replace Comey who’ll finally Lock Her Up, but that won’t happen either. The FBI is not your friend, my lovely deplorables, and its new director is not going to help you. That has never, ever been the FBI director’s job. The FBI director’s job is to advance the mission of the FBI: to maintain the status quo.

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Obama’s intel chief says he knows of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion


Shouldn’t this have been all over the front pages of the NYT, WaPo, WSJ and talked about on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Etc…? Guess this doesn’t fit the media narrative. That narrative is Trump is bad and must be defeated by any means necessary. Slather the public with propaganda then when contradicted, just ignore. People will forget in no time. They have no attention spans.

Obama’s intelligence chief says he knows of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion: Read More Continue reading Obama’s intel chief says he knows of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

Russia Hysteria


This Russia hysteria has got to go. Yes, it shoukd be investigated but, in general, the American people could care less. If the Democrats want to win back seats in Congress, state legislatures, governorships, and the Presidency then they’ve got to get back to the issues that are effecting people. That means talking about income equality, clean water, universal healthcare, lower drug prices, immigration reform, mass incarceration, women’s health and childcare, insurance, hunger, homelessness, etc. But this Russia hysteria… Leave it for a special investigator to solve. Leave the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy sleuthing to them Most likely all they’re going to find is that Russia exposed Clinton and the DNC and that’s it. And nobody really gave a shit how corrupt they were anyway as we found out. But the vitriolic Donakd Trump hatred and the Russia talk helped us lose the lelection the first time around, so why repeat it? Live and learn. Xx

Beware Of Mainstream Media Propaganda On Both Sides


I hate to say it but MSNBC has become the Fox Network of the left. It is becoming almost unbearable to watch. As Fox now paints a rosy picture of Trump and the GOP, MSNBC paints a dire picture of Trump and the GOP. MSNBC has become the channel that uses fear tactics to draw it’s listeners in. You can hear the propoganda oozing out of your television speakers. Somewhere between Fox and MSNBC lies the truth. That can be found on the BBC and to some extent, if you’re aware, CNN. Even RT and AL-Jazeera will give you a more objective look at what’s going on.

And what also needs to be addressed is this constant barrage of news, in print and television, that covers every single word of Donald Trump. Not every single outrage is newsworthy. It’s distracting. It also overwhelms the real issues of the day that need attention brought to them.

I’d say it would be more beneficial to cover what the GOP is doing behind the scenes. They are the ones coming up with the scary bills and policies. Donald Trump is more a figurehead. He’s also not a classic Republican or Democrat. He’s more of a Nationalist. He doesn’t want to go to war which goes against the grain of both establishment parties. I understand the concerns behind the Russia rumors and the call for an investigation, but I do agree with Trump’s attitude towards Russia. What’s so bad about having good relations with them? I sure don’t want to go to war with them and I don’t understand Democrats and liberals all of a sudden beating the war drums and trying to provoke them through Trump. Is it just because you don’t like Donald Trump? If so, that’s a dangerous game being played.  We’re also tied closely to other bad actors in the political realm. The Saudi;’s come to mind. And yes, I wish we had good relations with North Korea, too. That would be a good thing. This doesn’t mean that Trump doesn’t scare me. He doesn’t want war, but he sure has the capability of starting one with his tweets and oft times unfiltered mouth. And although he doesn’t tow the Republican party line, he does on some things, and that can be worrisome. But the takeaway is to keep your eye on the GOP and what they are trying to advance, Donald Trump is a fabulous distraction. Everybody’s eyes and wit are focused on him, And everybody is out to see who can insult or come up with the wittiest put down of him. None of that is productive, Maybe it’s cathartic. If so, go for it. I just find it numbing after awhile. And with this administration you don’t want to become numb. Therefore I tune out any salacious headlines and stay away from debates just to berate the other side, If you do it civily, then I’m all for it.

Also, two wrongs don’t make a right, but we interfere with other country’s elections too, We’ve been known to overthrow regimes. So I wouldn’t be so outraged if other countries tried to influence our elections. Well how dare they try that on us! In the end, it seems like all Russia did was allegedly expose John Podesta‘s emails which better informed us on one candidate. Was that fair? No Did it actually effect the election? It seems I remember reading a Stanford study that said “No.” And the hacking was done in the most simplistic manner because the Democrats didn’t bother to encrypt their computers and didn’t listen to the techies about how to avoid hackers. I remember Reince Priebus, of the RNC, talk about how they had two different encryption processes on their computers and how security taught them how to prevent hacking. Maybe the Republicans listened. According to some articles I read, the DNC ignored their security briefings,

I know there’s a lot of Googling to do on what I’ve said, but do it. It’s just getting to the point where there’s too much hysteria, misinformation, and chaos going on and it’s exhausting and it;s hard to get to the truth. As I stated the other day I’m reading both left abd right leaning publications and it has really helped calm me down. The truth pretty much lies in between. I try to stay away now from some of the extremist sites although you can learn some things from them (like how far out there some people’s views are lol) Anyway, these are just my thoughts right now. I didnt cover everything because I’m rambling. There are other issues that bother me. Maybe another time.

And, yes, I know my writing is not that well and my thoughts are not fully realized, but I’m working on it. It’s hard for me to focus and say what I fully mean. And I have so much to say! Oh no! lol