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Democratic Message: Same As The Old Message

Seeking to capitalize on the Republicans’ disarray, public cruelty and Trumpitis, the Democratic Party is gearing up for the Congressional elections of 2018. Alas, party leaders are likely to enlist the same old cast and crew.

The Democratic National Committee and their state imitators are raising money from the same old big donors and PACs that are complicit in the Party’s chronic history of losing so many Congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative races—not to mention the White House. Read More

Kathy Griffin Investigation

Of course she is being investigated! You post a piece of performance art (????) where you’re showing the president being decapitated, then expect the secret service to investigate you. Just cause you/re on the left doesn’t make you immune to what happens to those on the right who depict a president hanging from a noose. At least Ms. Griffin was spared a visit from the secret service unlike Ted Nugentt when he made his faux pas against Obama. And I’m sorry but the constant, relentless visceral hatred for this President set the stage for Ms.. Griffin to think she could get away with this kind of indulgent behavior. What’s particularly sad is that this routine hateful behavior by the left opened Ms. Griffin to the mistaken belief that she was safe to commit this piece of stupidity only to witness her political sister group, her friends, and her colleagues rise up, condemn her, then devour her whole taking her completely by surprise. Poor thing, I guess. She might as well have not even apologized. I wouldn’t have. Her idol, Joan Rivers, wouldn’t have, Joan also wouldn’t have given that embarrassing press conference blaming Donald Trump for her now present woes. What did he do except send off one his tweets defending his family having to see him die an Isis style death. I actually thought his response was rather muted considering his style. But he didn;t “break” her. Nor did his tamily who naturally stood up for their father. No, Joan Rivers, more than likely, would have come out bashing the political left, her friends, and her colleagues for turning their backs on her when she needed them most. Talk about a bunch of pussies. But really, when are celebrities going to learn the lesson that you can’t casually make fun of or try to make a statement about a president using violence or their death as the backdrop? This happens with every presidency and the celebrity is always left shellshocked that the secret service is knocking at their door. This is standard operating procedure for a sitting President. Oh, and Kathy, kudos from learning from your so–called role model Hillary Clinton by using every trick in the blame game book to try and get off the hook. Read More

Constantly bashing Trump

Constantly bashing Trump only elevates him and distracts from the policies at hand. This approach didn’t work for Hillary Clinton so it’s probably not working now. All these clickbait articles don’t help either, unless you’re just trying to get him elected again.

Russia Hysteria


This Russia hysteria has got to go. Yes, it shoukd be investigated but, in general, the American people could care less. If the Democrats want to win back seats in Congress, state legislatures, governorships, and the Presidency then they’ve got to get back to the issues that are effecting people. That means talking about income equality, clean water, universal healthcare, lower drug prices, immigration reform, mass incarceration, women’s health and childcare, insurance, hunger, homelessness, etc. But this Russia hysteria… Leave it for a special investigator to solve. Leave the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy sleuthing to them Most likely all they’re going to find is that Russia exposed Clinton and the DNC and that’s it. And nobody really gave a shit how corrupt they were anyway as we found out. But the vitriolic Donakd Trump hatred and the Russia talk helped us lose the lelection the first time around, so why repeat it? Live and learn. Xx Read More

Clinton & Wikileaks


People forget that Clinton and the establishment Dems started the Russia scare to distract from Wikileaks. This tactic continues because they have yet to find a viable way to take Trump down. It didnt work in the general and it’s not working now. In the meantime Trump and his cronies are dismantling government as we know it as the media is concentrating on nothing else. I guess people like seeing Trump win.

Enough with the Russian conspiracies and Clinton

Enough with the Russian conspiracies. All you had to do was watch Homeland last night in order to know that that report was inconclusive.

There are so many variables that cost Clinton the presidency, but the main one was herself and the DNC. Time for the Democrats to undertake a major autopsy and figure out why they lost a historical amount of seats and positions over the last 8 years.

One big glaring piece of glass in my eye was forcing an unpopular candidate on the people who was undergoing a criminal investigation at the time whose goal was to elevate a horrible candidate like Donald Trump to relevance because she thought she could win against him. You can’t make shit like this up. And it’s all documented, too. Read More