Oscar Afterthought….

Well I guess the right wing pundits, journalists, nutjobs can breath a sigh of relief that Chris Rock didn’t drop the F-bomb…in fact, he was downright congenial. So now I guess we go back to the regular programming of bashing gays, stalking cartoon characters, and hating liberals.

HCA Presents Oscar Night America 2005

HCA Presents Oscar Night America 2005
At The Belcourt Theatre
Sunday, February 27, 2005
Nashville, TN

This is where Barry and I (Mister D) will be heading tonight. Here is the press release that tells all about it. Hopefully I can add my own 2 cents later this week:

On February 27, 2005 at 7 p.m., The Belcourt Theatre will once again host the glitzy Oscar Night® America black-tie gala, the primary fundraiser for the historic Hillsboro Village theatre.

Attendees stroll the red carpet, sample gourmet food from some of Nashville’s finest restaurants, and watch the live Academy Awards® telecast in HDTV on the theatre’s movie screens. In addition to providing critical financial support for the ongoing operations of Nashville’s only historic non-profit theatre and its rich schedule of live music, theater and film, Oscar Night® America at the Belcourt is Nashville’s best Oscar party. Read More

Artoolio and Dylan


Police Statement of: Dylan Stone
Date of Birth: 7-04-1955
Occupation of Witness: House Cleaning Services
Address: Franklin, TN

My name is Dylan Stone and I am the owner of Man Maid, Inc., a house cleaning service for gay men, lonely women, or any one desperate for a home makeover. I was called in by police to answer questions about my best friend, Artoolio Sharpino, and his mishap.

Artoolio, an accountant, and I have been friends since I moved to Franklin over 10 years ago. In fact, he was one of my first customers. Since he was close to my age, somewhat of a loner, and much more masculine than I, he was the perfect foil for me to bounce off my many barbed, but comical remarks. He was uptight about his sexual orientation, unlike my self, but he was not one to hide it, either. Read More

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