Memorial Day Press Release: Veteran’s For Peace

For Immediate Release


David Cline:
201 876-0430

May 26, 2005

Veterans For Peace Remembers and Commemorates the Sacrifices Made by the Nation’s Fallen Service Men and Women, Memorial Day 2005

Who: Veterans For Peace, a national organization of military veterans including men and women from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, other conflicts and “peacetime.”

What: Memorials, vigils and solemn programs.

Why: To remember the fallen and educate the public about the human cost of war. Read More

Inside Your Heaven

I can’t add much to the American Idol chit chat. I’m ashamed to say, though, that I am addicted to this glorified karaoke contest.

I was really pushing for Bo Bice, but I knew he wouldn’t win…I just don’t think one could market him as an idol in the way the past winners were. Plus he wasn’t pretty or clean enough to pull it off.

And this takes nothing away from Miss Carrie Underwood…she has the pipes for sure. She’ll grow into them and eventually she may connect emotionally to some of the lyrics she is singing… Read More

For Me…

Bill Moyers Responds to CPB’s Tomlinson Charges of Liberal Bias: “We Were Getting it Right, But Not Right Wing”
Monday, May 16th, 2005
In his first public address since leaving PBS six months ago, journalist Bill Moyers responds to charges by Kenneth Tomlinson – the chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting – of liberal bias and revelations that Tomlinson hired a consultant to monitor the political content of Moyers’ PBS show “Now.” We spend the hour playing an excerpt of Moyers’ closing address at the National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis, Missouri. [includes rush transcript] Read More

The Divine Bette Midler DVD – Documentary
Release Date: June 28, 2005

The Divine Bette Midler
From: Shout! Factory

April 27, 2005


The Divine Bette Midler

Captured On DVD, An Intimate And Extraordinary Look At Bette Midler’s Amazing Creative And Personal Journey, Including Bonus Features And Performances


LOS ANGELES, CA – Nothing about Bette Midler is ordinary. In a career that has spanned five decades, Bette has never failed to amuse, delight, provoke, inspire and entertain. Shout! Factory releases on DVD The Divine Bette Midler, a 90-minute biography that displays the intense drive, ambition and talent that enabled Bette to overcome turmoil and troubleand emerge as a superstar on record, television,film andthe concert stage. Originally produced for television and aired on A&E in 2004, The Divine Bette Midler includes exclusive interviews with Bette and longtime friends and collaborators such as Barry Manilow, Danny DeVito, Glenn Close, Bruce Vilanch, and more. This remarkable DVDis filled with rare footage from The Divine Miss M’s remarkable career: early TV appearances,scenes from a number of her blockbuster movies andmore than 17 song performances, including special moments from her hugely successful Kiss My Brass tour. Bonus features include complete musical performances, deleted scenes and expanded interviews. The Divine Bette Midler, available June 28th for $19.98 (suggested retail price), was written and directed by John Scheinfeld and was produced by LSL Productions (The Jack Paar Collection, Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile) a company formed by television producers David Leaf, John Scheinfeld and Steve Ligerman. Read More

Rest In Peace, My Little Chaka, July 14, 1986 – April 19, 2005

I’ll miss you sleeping next to me.
I’ll miss your little head next to mine.
I’ll miss you waking me up by nibbling at my nose.
I’ll miss you sitting next to me while I sing and play the piano.
I’ll miss you watching TV while on my chest.
I’ll miss you walking on my computer keyboard when I tried to work.
I’ll miss you sitting on the bathtub while I read.
I’ll miss you when I’m eating dinner fighting over the food.
I’ll miss you licking away my tears when I cry.
I’ll just miss you….period. Read More

A Special Message on Sudan from Bette Midler

Ms. Midler asked that I post this message for her in hopes that you would take the time to read about the crisis happening in Darfur. They need our help. Please read and pass the message on to all of your friends. I’ll also put up a special link in the red box that you can pass around easily to friends and family.

Sincerely, Mister D

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I have recently been deeply affected by the terrible suffering of the people of Darfur, Sudan. Over the last two years, over 380,000 people have died, and 2 million driven from their homes by a brutal campaign of repression by the Sudanese government. Darfur’s women have been targeted for systematic rape and brutality. All this time the world has failed to take effective action, and we have stood by and watched, just as we did with the Rwandan genocide 10 years ago. Read More

Well I Was Better Than The Band! And The Company! :-)

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Jumpin' Jack Flash

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La la la…”memories light the corner of my mind…”

Wow, here I am on stage with a band in the Cayman Islands! The year: 1990! At this time I was an area manager for a chain of record stores called “The Sound Shop.”

Anyway, I was asked to participate in the Sound Shop talent show. The band and performers were all employees of Sound Shop…there was no rehearsal whatsoever…that’s why I didn’t want to participate in the first place…but I was asked at the last minute and the songs given to me were “jumpin jack flash” and “knockin on heaven’s door”. The event was to take place on the Cayman Islands and I figured I couldn’t be worse than anyone else (or I could just get really drunk and muddle though). I had never performed live before in my life, so I was really nervous. Read More

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