Making My Way To The Middle


I’ve mentioned quite a bit over the last half year or so about the level of viciousness and vitriol coming from the Left. It rivals that of the right when Obama was President. And frankly, I’m not sure which side is the winner (or should I say loser).

I’ve been trying my best these last few months to have a more measured tone. It helps that I’ve been reading multiple rags, conservative, moderate, and liberal. I’ve gotten to where I’ve found some great journalists that I turn to time and time again. Yes, I still read my real progressive sites, but I feel like I approach them with a more balanced outlook.

This has made me a happier person. I’ve stopped otherizing and labeling people as much as I can. I’m not perfect; we all judge. But I am making a concerted effort not to generalize, demonize, and vilify those with a different point of view. We all grow and evolve at a different pace. Now, there are some I probably never will understand, but underneath it all, I bet I can find some commonality.

If we don’t start bridging the divide, we will see more violent attacks like we’ve seen today. This seems like it was fueled by MSM hyper-partisanship. This one was fueled by anti-Trump, anti-Republican hatred. And believe me, we will see more instances of this as well as acts of violence against races, religions, etc. We have got to get rid of this us vs them thinking and come together as “we.” This is a wake up call to quit dehumanizing one another.

There’s a groundswell of Progressives and Right Wingers that are reaching out to one another. Not surprisingly, it’s the younger generation. They want better healthcare, better education, better wages, and so forth. I think those are good places to start a dialogue, don’t you? Quit looking for the things that make us different (that comes in handy in other places) and look, instead, at least in political instances, for commonality.

Now Work It!!!!

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