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Making My Way To The Middle


I’ve mentioned quite a bit over the last half year or so about the level of viciousness and vitriol coming from the Left. It rivals that of the right when Obama was President. And frankly, I’m not sure which side is the winner (or should I say loser).

I’ve been trying my best these last few months to have a more measured tone. It helps that I’ve been reading multiple rags, conservative, moderate, and liberal. I’ve gotten to where I’ve found some great journalists that I turn to time and time again. Yes, I still read my real progressive sites, but I feel like I approach them with a more balanced outlook.

This has made me a happier person. I’ve stopped otherizing and labeling people as much as I can. I’m not perfect; we all judge. But I am making a concerted effort not to generalize, demonize, and vilify those with a different point of view. We all grow and evolve at a different pace. Now, there are some I probably never will understand, but underneath it all, I bet I can find some commonality.

If we don’t start bridging the divide, we will see more violent attacks like we’ve seen today. This seems like it was fueled by MSM hyper-partisanship. This one was fueled by anti-Trump, anti-Republican hatred. And believe me, we will see more instances of this as well as acts of violence against races, religions, etc. We have got to get rid of this us vs them thinking and come together as “we.” This is a wake up call to quit dehumanizing one another.

There’s a groundswell of Progressives and Right Wingers that are reaching out to one another. Not surprisingly, it’s the younger generation. They want better healthcare, better education, better wages, and so forth. I think those are good places to start a dialogue, don’t you? Quit looking for the things that make us different (that comes in handy in other places) and look, instead, at least in political instances, for commonality.

Now Work It!!!!

Disappointed in Senator Al Franken

Disappointed in Senator Al Franken for cancelling events with Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher after their justifable mistakes. Yes, they both made mistakes and are facing the consequences, but I have a different code for when you are good friends. Franken says he is good friends with both and has talked to both since their faux pas. But to me, good friends don’t turn their backs on you when you’re down and out. Franken knows good and well, as a fellow conedian, what it’s like when you push the envelope too far. So Im just disappointed in him as far as the friend code of ethics. And that goes double for you, Anderson Cooper!

March Of Truth

I didn’t get to talk about the lame #MarchForTruth. I didn’t realize it was for Russisgate. Are you kidding me? A march for truth on a conspiracy thery. Is this where the Resistanve is going to put all it’s effort? With the establishment Democrats? How bout a march for truth for the men, women, and children being poisoned by lead pipes in Flint and other cities, how bout a march for truth for all the pipes that are leaking oil into our lakes and streams, how bout a march for truth for the homeless, the hungry, and downtrodden, how bout a march for truth against terrorism and our constant bombing of Muslim countries therefore making more terrorists, how bout a march for truth on income inequality, mass incarceration, fight for 15. And there’s much more, but you chose Russiagate. No wonder it wasn’t well attended. It’s hard to get worked up about that when there’s so many things fucking more important.

Executive Privilege

The mainstream media has gone on and on for weeks, even holding panels on it, that the President was going to use his Executive Privilege to block Comey from testifying to the Senate on certain things or not at all, really ginning up the drama. Well, I reported via the New York Times, but I knew anyway through instinct, that he was not going to invoke it. Still the MSM persisted, kind of like Clinton. Well today, the White House stated that Trump would not be invoking the privilege. Now, Im sure we will hear all the dastardly reasons why hes not blocking Comey. Predictable and. Sad

Shoddy Reporting

On the one hand it’s good to see the media doing some adversarial reporting again after being so dormant for a long time, but on the other hand I think it will be short-lived or until someone palatable is in the White House. Right now theyre experiencing a renaissance because they’re feeding a bloodthirsty public’s hatred for an unpopular President.

Nevermind that the majority of reporting is shoddy at best. What they’re relying on are anonymous sources within the Intelligence Community that can’t be verified or autgenticated, with an axe to grind against an adversarial Trumo. Then the media just riffs on the morsels its given basically turning the reporting info gossip, innuendo, and entertainment. And the gullible public just eats it up without questioning anything. It’s hard to tell what to believe

That’s why its such a good thing that we have a special counselor in Mueller whom for all intents and purposes is a primo guy. At least he will be able to dole out some answers.

I really don’t think they’ll find evidence of collusion. With the Intelligence agencies throwing out everything but the kitchen sink about Trumo, you’d think we’d have the information by now. I think we may find some criminality concerning Manafort and probably Pagd, but not much more. But as far as collusion, I just haven’t seen any evidence, only circumstantial and innuendo.

I guess you could make a case for impeachment with Trump on obstruction of justice but it would be hard to prove intent because I think he was going to get rid of Comey anyway.

However, it woukd be disturbing if that happened. For one, it gives too much power to the Intelligence Community because they could easily manufacture evidence. And they have a seamy past and are hard to trust. Thats whats been so funny to watch because the Left has always had an adversarial relationship with the CIA and FBI. Now to watch them treat these Agencies as heros and warriors is rich and a little much, but then this goes to show the deepness of hatred for this presidency. Another negative is that the people who voted Trump in would feel like their will had been thwarted and there’s no telling what that effect woukd have on the country.

But with Mueller at least we’re on good footing now.

Kathy Griffin Investigation

Of course she is being investigated! You post a piece of performance art (????) where you’re showing the president being decapitated, then expect the secret service to investigate you. Just cause you/re on the left doesn’t make you immune to what happens to those on the right who depict a president hanging from a noose. At least Ms. Griffin was spared a visit from the secret service unlike Ted Nugentt when he made his faux pas against Obama. And I’m sorry but the constant, relentless visceral hatred for this President set the stage for Ms.. Griffin to think she could get away with this kind of indulgent behavior. What’s particularly sad is that this routine hateful behavior by the left opened Ms. Griffin to the mistaken belief that she was safe to commit this piece of stupidity only to witness her political sister group, her friends, and her colleagues rise up, condemn her, then devour her whole taking her completely by surprise. Poor thing, I guess. She might as well have not even apologized. I wouldn’t have. Her idol, Joan Rivers, wouldn’t have, Joan also wouldn’t have given that embarrassing press conference blaming Donald Trump for her now present woes. What did he do except send off one his tweets defending his family having to see him die an Isis style death. I actually thought his response was rather muted considering his style. But he didn;t “break” her. Nor did his tamily who naturally stood up for their father. No, Joan Rivers, more than likely, would have come out bashing the political left, her friends, and her colleagues for turning their backs on her when she needed them most. Talk about a bunch of pussies. But really, when are celebrities going to learn the lesson that you can’t casually make fun of or try to make a statement about a president using violence or their death as the backdrop? This happens with every presidency and the celebrity is always left shellshocked that the secret service is knocking at their door. This is standard operating procedure for a sitting President. Oh, and Kathy, kudos from learning from your so–called role model Hillary Clinton by using every trick in the blame game book to try and get off the hook.

Quit using hack opinion pieces

Quit using hack opinion pieces from hack sites to find anything and everything wrong with this presidency, It;s bad enough as it is without seeing friend’s pages littered with what amounts to be gossip about politics. If a title of a story sounds like clickbait, skip over it until you find a site with a more sobering headline or else you’re just contributing to the junkpile of trash that passes for news today, Look again, for sobering headlines and different takes rather than the same ole same ole hit pieces that pass for journalism these days. Yes Trump = Bad, but so are most of the articles the majority of you are posting. You’re becoming as lame and predictable as mainstream media.